7-4 Carlaw Avenue
M4M 2R5


22nd October 2018


5:30pm - 9:00pm


  • Tony Hardy

    Canny Creative

    Tony Hardy is the founder of Canny Creative, a design agency based in Newcastle, UK.

    At Canny, Tony and his team specialise in branding, web design, and digital marketing. They have clients all over the world, from the UK, to the middle-east, Asia, and Canada.

    Tony's agency won the funding that helped make the Canny Live events possible.

  • Dimitri Kanaris

    Ildsjel Collective

    If you ask Dimitri what he does, he’ll promptly tell you what he’s not. In a sense, he’s a marketing consultant or an entrepreneur, but his venture isn’t a temporary or frivolous one. In addition to being the team talker, Dimitri started ildsjel to work with people of different skill-sets and abilities and connect their dots. He is the creative glue of the team, finding the best connections for collaborators and helping them find opportunities that suit them best.

  • Harrison Nolan


    Shuttershare is a fast growing sharing economy platform built to help video and photo content creators find low cost rentals while also creating additional revenue by renting out their equipment.