7-4 Carlaw Avenue
M4M 2R5


22nd October 2018


5:30pm - 9:30pm


  • Tony Hardy

    Canny Creative

    Tony Hardy is the founder of Canny Creative, a design agency based in Newcastle, UK.

    At Canny, Tony and his team specialise in branding, web design, and digital marketing. They have clients all over the world, from the UK, to the middle-east, Asia, and Canada.

    Tony's agency won the funding that helped make the Canny Live events possible.

  • Dimitri Kanaris

    Ildsjel Collective

    Dimitri Kanaris is an entrepreneur in the arts and culture industry. Having started Blank Vinyl Project, a student-run record label and music community at UBC Vancouver, as well as ildsjel collective, a shared workspace and event space for creative collaboration with his partner and co-founder Rebekka Zuckermann Kristiansen, his interests in all of his pursuits are to expand the resources available to professionals in the creative industries. His goal is to continually work with people of different skill-sets and abilities, and to help connect the dots in order to create opportunities for collaboration that yield the most creative and innovative results.

  • Rebekka Zuckermann

    Ildsjel Collective

    Rebekka Zuckermann Kristiansen grew up surrounded by arts and culture. At the age of 10, she toured around Europe with Teater Manu, Norway’s theatre for the deaf, and at the age of 16 joined the organization teams of multiple arts and culture festivals in Oslo. During her undergrad at UBC Vancouver, she started Blank Vinyl Project, a student-run record label and music community, with her partner and co-founder Dimitri Kanaris. Together they went on to found ildsjel collective, a shared workspace and event space for creative collaboration. Her experience with coordination and event planning allows her to collaborate with creative professionals from diverse backgrounds and with a wide variety of skill-sets to bring their visions to life.

  • Harrison Nolan


    Harrison is the co-founder and CEO of Shuttershare. Shuttershare is an online platform for film and photography equipment rentals. With over 1400 users between Toronto and Montréal, Shuttershare aims to make production equipment more accessible in order to change the way content gets created. Harrison found his start as a marketer running his own agency and production company.

  • Joseph De Benedictis

    Watch His Videos

    Joseph is a 4 time New York Emmy Award Winning Producer and Editor for his work on several documentary sports series'. He is a senior member of PicSix Creative, the company that handles creative for the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, and New Era Cap. He's created and produced comedy and reality show pilots under his production company JoMo Films. He also does his own Vlog series on YouTube.

  • AJ Edmonds

    Blackout Media

    Fostering her talents as a communicator from an early age, AJ has spent her life entertaining and educating audiences through film and live theatre. Her motivation is drawn from the desire to affect those around her and leave the world to come in a better place than how she found it. Film, in her words, is the most powerful medium for change, and she intends to be at the helm of the changes to come.

  • Karl Janisse

    Blackout Media

    Karl pursues the art of storytelling in order to translate our personal and societal consciousness into sounds and images. To reflect back upon - providing insight and growth for audiences.

    It is his belief that exploration of alternate (cinematic) realities is paramount to unlocking the secrets of the human mind and bring people to a place where they can explore their psychological boundaries free from limitations.

    Karl dedicates his life to capturing the patterns that exist within human interaction at every level and translating that into feelings that can be taken off of a screen. In this, we will find a comprehensive language with which all cultures and creeds can communicate equally.

  • Tieja MacLaughlin

    TIEJA Inc.

    TIEJA Inc. is a digital content and public relations agency that empowers brands, executives and individuals to proactively manage their online reputation. The organization carries the same unique namesake as it's founder, Tieja MacLaughlin. Tieja promotes a rigorous approach to branding, online reputation management and cyber-security, and is recognized for her work advising clients through periods of crisis. Inspired by her sports background, she takes a team-first approach, working with brands to discover their own unique voice, and share it in an original way. Prior to her current role, Tieja held various positions with Hockey Canada, Rogers Sportsnet, the Ottawa Senators (NHL), Kitchener Rangers (OHL) and Canadian Women’s Hockey League.