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About Canny Live 2018

Canny Live is a brand new event series coming to Ontario, Canada in October 2018. The events are a chance to learn, network, and socialize with like minded individuals and businesses who share a passion for design, branding, and progressive marketing.

When Tony, the founder of Canny Creative, first came to Canada, he knew it would be a special place to do business and build relationships. Thus, the idea for Canny Live was born. He wanted to bridge the gap between countries, making the world a little smaller, whilst helping businesses grow globally.

We hope the Canny Live events will bring together business communities in a fun way, so we can share thoughts and ideas, learning about branding, web, and marketing.

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Panel Discussion

We will be inviting successful local business, and marketing and branding experts, who will share their professional insights and success stories.

Further information regarding our panel participants will be posted at a later date.


Have a drink and mingle with other people and businesses in your local area.

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Canny Live 2018


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