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About Canny Live 2018

Canny Live is a brand new event series coming to Ontario, Canada in October 2018. The events are a chance to learn, network, grow, and mingle with local brands and international companies.

When Tony, the founder of Canny Creative, first came to Canada, he knew it would be a special place to do business and build relationships. Thus, the idea for Canny Live was born. He wanted to bridge the gap between countries, making the world a little smaller, whilst helping businesses grow globally.

We hope the Canny Live events will bring together business communities in a fun way, so we can share thoughts and ideas, learning about branding, web, and marketing.

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Great Speakers

Learn about growing your brand, web, and digital marketing efforts, with a global approach.

Local Success Stories

Connect with brands in your area to find out how they grew their company.

Panel Discussion

Have your business growth questions answered when we open up the panel for discussion.


Have a drink and mingle with other people and companies in your area.

Who Should Come?

Anyone that wants to grow their brand globally, expand their vision, or learn more about branding, web, and digital marketing, should come to Canny Live 2018.


  • Get to know with other local entreprenuers
  • Learn the importance of branding and web
  • Improve your online presence


  • How to grow a bigger brand
  • Improve your brand / communication
  • Take advantage of online opportunities


  • Connect with startups in your area
  • Share ideas and learn from experts
  • Meet people who have done it

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Canny Live 2018


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